10K Training Schedule

What Is The Perfect 10k Training Schedule?

If you've decided to enter a 10k this year, then you're going to have to put some time and effort in to your training which means ideally you'll need to stick to a 10k training schedule.

But which one is the best?

Well, there are plenty to choose from and the good news is that many of them are completely FREE.

This is where we step in.

We have reviewed what we consider to be the 4 best 10k training schedules on the internet today and you can find links to the reviews of all of these popular running programs for completing a 10k below.

We must stress that these are only our opinions here from us at New Image Personal Training in the UK, and we welcome your own opinions about any of the programs we've critiqued here, which you can leave in the comments section below each of the reviews.

Whilst we do have a favourite, the program reviews aren't listed in any order of preference here.

This is our review of the Ironbridge 10k training plan - ironbridge 10k training plan

Our critique of the Couch to 10k training schedule - couch to 10k

The findings from Hal Higdons 10k running schedule - Hal Higdon 10k running program

And lastly our considered verdict of Jeff Galloways ever popular 10k training plan - Jeff Galloways 10k training schedule

But Before You Go, This Site Has Much More To Offer Than That!!

Look through some of the pages down the menu to your right, you'll find a plethara of information from subjects such as - running for weight loss, how to get rid of smelly running shoes, tips on choosing good running music and much more...

For instance this is what we think EVERY good 10k training schedule absolutely should contain...

  • Nutritional advice, you can't expect to do well if you are filling up on the wrong type of fuel, after all you wouldn't put diesel in a petrol car... would you?.
  • New training techniques which improve fitness levels. Up to date training methods have moved on dramatically. Using them means you're unlikely to overuse the same muscles and joints which can lead to progress stopping injury. The best way to choose running shoes and the right options of clothing to choose.

  • Tactically placed rest days that take in to account the level of effort of the previous days training. Perhaps the most important thing an effective 10k training schedule should teach you exactly how your body develops from the beginning of your training right up to race day, meaning you'll see exactly what it is you're attempting to accomplish. You'll know when and how to change your training to boost your progress and quickly recognize the signs of overtraining and sidestep incapacitating injuries.
  • Chop And Change Your Training To build up your running fitness you need to build up stamina in your legs, heart and lungs, so try some different activities and sports that also supply these improvements such as swimming, cycling or rowing.

Progress on a regular basis.

The secret to getting better depends on making sure that your 10k training schedule gets progressively harder, with slight but constant improvements.

Train Clever

Training for a 10k does need some steady running each week, but simply focussing on this sort of training will take you far longer to build up to the point where you can easily run a 10k.

Don't overlook rest days, these are necessary to your progress.

And finally enjoy it! :-D

It's supposed to be fun after all. If you don't like your 10k training schedule, you need to do something else instead, but if you can stick it out until you've run your first 10k, trust me, you'll be back for more.


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