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Could A 10K Training Plan Help You Run Faster?

If you're thinking about the possibility of running a 10k race anytime soon, then you'd be very well advised to get yourself a quality 10k training plan. Of course if you can afford it you might get better results by working with a running coach or experienced personal trainer, but the cost can be prohibitive, not to mention working in with each others schedule.

In this article we consider the benefits of a 10k training plan in comparison to working with your own running coach.

These days it has become a common occurrence to hire someone with the qualifications and expertise to help you to improve and it's not limited to sports. Language, typing or life coaches are just a few of the many examples of the experts that many of us use to get the quickest results possible these days.

Improving your running ability is exactly the same concept, you'll see quicker results if you hire the services of an expert. Whether you use a coach or follow a 10k training plan you'll be looking for the following similarities...


Any coach or personal trainer should be good at motivating their clients and should always be there... on time. All the research points to the undeniable fact that once we arrange an appointment with another person, we are always far more likely to firstly get the training done, progress what we are doing and finally work much harder than when we train on our own.

Likewise a good 10k training plan will motivate and inspire you because you'll be making steady and consistent progress towards your goals.

The Know How

Training to run 6 miles in one go as you will in a 10k race isn't simply a case of grinding out mile after mile at a steady trudging speed. No, these days we use any number of more advanced running strategies that help to reduce the time spent running, increase fitness levels much faster and ultimately lessen the chances of suffering injury.

Injury Prevention

Skilled personal trainers and coaches can see the signs of over training long before they become a real problem. These things would not be clear to a novice whose over enthusiasm might very well lead to doing too much or working through what could be potentially serious injuries. A well written 10k training plan that is tailored to your particular starting level will help you avoid this because the volume of training and the amount of rest will be carefully considered.


Perhaps the biggest factors that stop runners getting any better is a lack of progression and the de-motivation that this lack of of progress gives them. It is a wonderful feeling to see yourself improving as the days and weeks go by. All the way to running distances that you once thought impossible which now feel easy and exhilarating.

A running coach knows that to become a good runner you need to improve and ask more from your body on a regular basis and will be able to monitor that your fitness is getting better so you keep improving steadily at the optimum rate.

By using a good 10k training program you will also see that the progression has been written in for you so you don't need to worry about it. All you need to do is complete the running and enjoy the whole experience of watching yourself getting better and better.

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