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jago holmes creator of 10k training schedule .comHi there, my name is Jago Holmes, I'm a qualified personal trainer and running expert from the UK.

I love running and regularly work with many one to one clients to improve their ability to run. I've trained hundreds of runners over the last 12 years in all distances from 5k right through to full marathons, with great success.

I have written a range of running programs and here they are. You can click on the links below to be taken to each of the websites to find out more.

Just starting to run? Why not check out - www.howtostartrunning.com.

Thinking of running a 5k - Take a look here

Moving up a gear, why not try a half marathon? Find out all you need to know here - half marathon

Want to tackle the big one. Discover all you need to know about marathon training - marathon training expert.

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I aim to respond to messages within a few hours, but please allow at least 24 - 48 hours in case my reply requires additional research or investigation.

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