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Benefits Of Running

There are many benefits of running, from improving your levels of fitness to losing weight, right through to feeling good about yourself. In this article I'll discuss the many benefits of running to the mind, body and soul.

How Running Improves The Body

Running is an aerobic activity that places a demand on the heart and lungs. This demand then triggers changes in the body so it is able to cope better the next time it's placed under the same type of stresses. By gradually pushing yourself further than you're comfortably able to go over a few weeks you will notice that you can go a little further each and every time.

The heart develops the ability to pump more oxygen rich blood around the body and to the working muscle with less effort therefore it doesn't need to beat as regularly. This is why you'll notice a fitter person’s heart beat is far slower than an unfit person’s heart beat after doing the same activity.

The lungs also become more efficient because they can take in and distribute the air that we breathe in to the blood stream far quicker.

The muscles of the legs become more toned and better able to cope with less oxygen rich blood before fatiguing. This regular exercise can help to improve posture as you'll be using your core muscles to strengthen and support your body a lot more whilst running.

One of the other benefits of running that you can also expect to see is that you’ll lose weight much faster if you start running because you'll be burning more of the calories you have stored on your body for fuel. The more calories you use up to help you move every day then the less you'll have stored on your body as body fat, therefore you'll lose weight.

Regular exercise has been proven to increase your body's ability to remove sugars quickly from the blood after eating so this is another of the many benefits you'll experience when running.

Doing something like running helps to make you feel really good about yourself, not only because of the endorphins released when you exercise, but perhaps more importantly the fact that you are taking control of your own situation and dictating what happens to your body instead of just accepting whatever happens to you. This can make you feel really empowered and gives you a really smug and satisfied feeling inside.

Another benefit of running is that it can be a very social activity which leads you meeting a lot of new people all with similar interests to you. Running with someone else is a great idea because it does two things. Firstly it gives you company. It provides you with someone else to compare notes with, another person experiencing the same challenges as you. And secondly running with someone else gives you motivation and the drive to keep going when things get a little more challenging. Also by making appointments to meet somebody else, you're much more likely to actually get out and run.

As you have seen there are many benefits of running on both the body and mind, so as long as you have no injury problems and are in good health you should give it a try, what have you got to lose?

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