10K Training Schedule

What Makes A Good 10k Training Schedule For A Beginner?

Fail to plan and you plan to fail... it's true about almost everything in life, especially when it comes to getting fitter or losing weight, two of my specialist areas of expertise.

I've just added a page all about the importance of following a good 10k training schedule for a beginner. Here's an excerpt...

The Critical factors for any 10k training schedule for a beginner is that it has to factor in a level of slow but constant progression. As a newbie, your goal should be to be able to run for one mile without stopping then building up over time to 6 miles. You know your current level of fitness, so if you struggle to do more than one hundred metres at the moment, then you're not going to manage this in just a few weeks time.

The key to any beginners 10k training schedule is to ensure that over the desired time frame, the level of fitness for the runner is improved to a point where they can at least complete the 6.2 mile run without rest...

You can go read the entire article right here - 10k training schedule beginner

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