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What Are The Main Benefits Of Running?

So you want an active hobby that gets you outdoors, helps you to make new friends and enjoy the surroundings around you at the same time as becoming more active? Then running might well be the solution for you.

However this only just scratches the surface of the benefits of running and the list of improvements you can expect to see by running regularly is huge. From feeling good about yourself and taking control of your health and fitness, to the improvements you'll notice in muscle tone and posture, not to mention the fact that running is an excellent way to lose weight and then manage that new weight.

Other factors to consider is that it's free and you can do it on your own and get started immediately. Go here to check out the new article page I've written about the benefits of running

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What Do You Think Is Good Running Music?

I've just added a new page about good running music.

Everybody has different and individual music tastes, some like loud music, some like it quiet. Some people love to listen to calming relaxing music whilst others like the sound of intense, beaty tempos.

We're all different and have different musical tastes.

But where we all seem to have similar thoughts is that we mostly tend to have different music to match our moods or the activities. For example you probably wouldn't want to listen to slow intense music when you're out on a night on the town. The same way you probably wouldn't like the sound of heavy dance music when you're trying to get to sleep.

It the same with any activities we take part in, the music we choose will match the type of activity. For example playing chess would need a different sound to running.

Go here to read about my thoughts on good running music - good running music

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