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Couch to 10K Training Plan Review

Here is our honest and considered verdict of our findings from the couch to 10k running plan.

We like this one a lot and although all 4 of the running programs we’ve reviewed on the site are free to download and use, this definitely gets our 'BEST BUY' seal of approval. Here is what we think...

Perhaps the most poignant and honest introduction to any running training program, the author of the couch to 10k - Josh Clark begins by giving this advice...

"Beginning runners, take note: we recommend that runners put off training for races until their bodies have adapted to the strain of running. Tendons and ligaments can be injured all too easily if you go from ground-zero to 5K-racing too quickly. Before you start training for your first race, establish a six-month foundation of running. During that base stage, slowly build through easy, consistent training runs as your body adapts to the rigors of the road. After that, come back and tackle one of our beginner training programs."

This is very good advice and really reflects our own viewpoint. Complete beginner runners or anyone who is overweight should heed this warning carefully.

Experienced or active individuals who wish to take up running should be fine to move straight in to the programs however, but do note that there is a pre training schedule in the couch to 10 running plan that you need to be able to complete before moving on to the full 10k training plan.

Benefits of the Couch to 10k Running Plan

  • The variation in this program is excellent.
  • There is a pre qualifying running schedule that you need to be able to complete prior to starting your 10k training plan.
  • The longer run is done on the weekend followed by a day off.
  • Advanced running techniques are used such as Fartlek, Hill and Interval training which help to reduce training times and adds variety and an extra stimulation in the muscles, heart and lungs to improve and become stronger.
  • I like the idea of holding yourself back and running easy. This is where most beginner runners struggle in their excitement and rush to improve they tend to try to go too far, too fast and without enough rest.

You can check the official page of the couch to 10k training program here - click here

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