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Downsides to the Couch to 10k Running Plan

  • There is a little too much volume in the couch to 10k running program, although there are 2 scheduled rest days. It is far better to cut down on the runs to 3 or 4 at the most and use other types of aerobic exercise to improve the ability of the cardiovascular system to perform better. This program suggests that you should run 5 times a week and for a beginner, this is way too much.
  • Following the more challenging runs, it is better to take a day off or cross train so that the joints and muscles used in running are given a day off.
  • You have to obviously build up to running a 5k first and whilst this is a reasonable supposition, the gap between the 5k training and this 10k training plan is quite substantial.

Overall Verdict

Josh's couch to 10k training plan is the best free program on the internet at the time of writing because it uses some advanced training techniques which have been proven to be more effective at improving fitness and strength levels than simply plodding along mile after mile.

The reference to holding yourself back on the longer runs and 'running easy' is very good advice as this allows runners to concentrate on building up the mileage with minimal muscle fatigue or stress on the cardiovascular system. This technique only works best however when it's combined with more challenging sessions such as suggested in this 10k training plan.

The biggest drawback to the couch to 10k program is that the volume of running is too high, but if this is adjusted to 3 or 4 at the most then we feel this is the best option we've reviewed so far.

But for this reason we are giving Josh Clarks' couch to 10k running plan a 7/10.

To visit the official couch to 10k website go here - click here

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