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Good Running Music

One of the best things I love about running is being away from everything. No phone ringing, no emails pinging, just me, some good running music and the open road.

listening to good running musicIt's a chance to escape from everyday life for a while and enjoy some deeply appreciated me time. I'm not running for any reason at the moment, not trying to improve speed, stamina or trying to lose weight, just using it to chill out on my own.

Something that I really like is wearing my headphones and listening to some motivational speaker or even better some good running music.

No my tastes might be different to most, in fact they almost certainly are. But this is how I generally think of it...

...when I'm relaxing or working in the office on my computer, I'll have something that can fade in to the distance and just mask the quietness, some classical or fairly easy listening is what works best for me here.

If I'm hittting the roads or training in the gym I like to listen to really good running music, you know the stuff... a good beat.

That can either be dance music or rock, either will do just as long as it's loud, that's about the only rule really... oh and a good tune too!

So I thought I'd create my own list of what I would describe as good running music.

This will obviously depend on your age and musical tastes, but here's my list of top 10 motivating running music tracks.

By the way these are in no particular order...

#1 Hells Bells - ACDC

#2 Where the Streets Have No Name - U2

#3 Belfast Child - Simple Minds

#4 I Drove All Night - Cyndi Lauper

#5 Euphoria - Most of their dance mixes

#6 Cars - Gary Numan

#7 If I Sing Softly To You - Gillan

#8 In The Name Of Love - U2

#9 Waiting For A Girl Like You - Foreigner

#10 Run To The Hills - Iron Maiden (Sorry couldn't resist that one, but seriously it is really good running music)

Well that's my top ten list of good running music, there's enough to keep me going for most of my average runs there. I know everyone has their own tastes, but those are mine. Perhaps you could leave a comment below to let me know what your favourite top 3 songs are?

Just enter your own favourites in the comments box below or go to the blog page and add it there - good running music.

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  1. It was hard to narrow down to my top 3, but here they are:

    1. Good Feeling – Flo Rida
    2. Bodies – Drwoning Pool
    3. Best of You – Foo Fighters

    Thanks! :-)

  2. Never heard of em!

    Get some Motorhead blasting through the headphones, then you’ll run faster I guarantee it!!!

  3. Thanks for sharing your favorite running music numbers.

    It’s quite difficult for me to say my thoughts on them. First, I do not do running or jogging, as I hate it ever since I was a small child, even though I am sporty otherwise.

    Second, I only know the 2 U2 numbers on your list. I like the Where the Streets Have No Name in particular. So at least you know my taste.

    As a fan of Latin dancing, I would imagine myself listening to Latin numbers, especially cha cha music, if I really have to jog. Coming to mind is Besame Mucho, Island in the Sun, and the bubble gum music numbers of Seasons in the Sun and Yellow River. The Girl fom Ipanema would certainly be uplifting. Again you see my preference for strong and distinct rhythms, which should go well with exercise anyway.


  4. PYT- Michael Jackson
    Centerfold-J. Geils Band
    Paint it Black- Rolling Stones
    Why can’t we be friends- WAR
    Dedication to my Ex- Andre 3000

  5. #1. David Guett ft Snoop -Sweat
    #2. Sonique-It feels good
    #3. Kelly Rowland -Motivation
    #4. Darude -Sandstrom

    Fast paced kick butt workit out MUSIC!!

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