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  • Although this is a beginners running plan, the program doesn't start from scratch. You would need to build up to running a 5k first and then moving on to this. Having said this however, I feel that the Hal Higdon 10k training program is a little too basic and doesn't give enough detail for an experienced runner. If you've completed a 5 kilometre run without rest, I'd put you down as an experienced runner.

  • There isn't enough detail, I think the way this plan is set out is more for someone who has never run before, but its starting point is too high.
  • Hal doesn't use any advanced training techniques in his 10k training program which when used properly can help to develop speed, power and endurance much faster than simply running at a steady pace until a certain amount of distance has been covered.
  • No stretches are shown with the program which is a drawback. I think it is important to at least describe the stretches that you need to do after running or on your stretching day. However this is only meant to be an overview which is why it is being offered for free.
  • No ideas of intensity or speed are given as guidelines. For example - the longer weekend run should be more of a steady run to achieve a given distance, but the shorter runs need to be faster or more intense to get the maximum benefit from the sessions.

Overall verdict

The Hal Higdon 10k training program is free and there is a printable version so it’s easy and quick to get a copy so these are good things.

The overall structure of the program is perfect, but its lack of real detail or guidance lets it down as in itself there is no real information that a beginner could properly make use of.

Perhaps one of the biggest drawbacks of the program is although it's meant for beginners, you wouldn't be able to use this program until you'd completed a 5k training plan first. This isn't a problem, but the amount of time that you'd need to allow for your training would need to be much longer, more like 16 - 20 weeks as a minimum to reach the point at which you'd be able to comfortably run a 10k without rest.

For this reason I'd give the Hal Higdon 10k Training Program a 5/10

You can go view Hals 10k Training Program here - click here

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