10K Training Schedule

How To Train For A 10K Race

How you train for a 10k race will depend on 4 very different and completely unique factors. Here they are...

#1 Your current level of fitness. Are you fit and active at the moment or could you lovingly be described as a couch potato?

#2 Your running experience. Have you ever done any running before? Are you a casual runner now, is the 10k your next step up on the running ladder?

#3 Do you have any injuries or old niggles especially around the knees, hips and back. If you do have any existing problems with these areas then you must get them looked at before you start otherwise there's a very real chance they could get worse.

#4 Are you suffering from any health concerns. Do you take medication or are you pregnant.

All these factors will have a bearing on how you train for a 10k race and how quickly you progress. Go here to read more - train for a 10k

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