10K Training Schedule

IronBridge Runner 10k Training Schedule

The Ironbridge 10k training schedule is written by Maurice Ault who is the one of the speed and endurance coaches for the UK athletics group.

Here is our critique of this training program...

What We Like About the Ironbridge 10k Training Schedule

  • This program comes as a printable PDF file which has a range of training 10k schedules to choose from - beginner, intermediate and advanced.
  • I like the options to reduce the amount of days you run to 3, which I feel is the most manageable and practical amount to allow for other life style factors such as work, family, injuries etc getting in the way.
  • The advice to train the body in different ways including resistance or gym training is very good and will make a big difference to performance.
  • There are some very good notes before the training programs which some of the other programs don't mention.

Go here to take a look at the official Ironbridge website - click here

What We Like About the Ironbridge 10k Training Schedule

  • All the running sessions whilst a little basic are explained clearly, but no real level of effort is described so the runner doesn't really know at what point they should be training.
  • Using an RPE (rate of perceived) scale is a far more practical system. To use this scale you simply apply the amount of effort you are putting in to a number between 1 and 10. So for example 1 is very easy, 5 feels average and 10 is the hardest you could possibly work. If the program then states at a given point you should be working at an RPE 6, then you know you should be pushing yourself a little harder than average

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