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IronBridge Runner 10k Training Schedule

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What We Don’t Like About the Ironbridge 10k Training Schedule Continued...

  • There are no advanced training techniques, although the running pace is varied, I don't feel fitness levels are being progressed as quickly as possible.

  • Like a couple of the other programs, this one again supposes that you have completed a 5k before moving on to this program and that you are already capable of running 10km, a strange concept!!! I thought the idea behind a 10k training program was that you were training to be able to run one!
  • There is no mention of liquid intakes or any nutritional recommendations at all which I feel is a big oversight. Any program to improve someone’s running ability up to the point to running 6 or 8 miles in this case absolutely has to consider the effect good nutrition has on the body.

Overall Verdict

This program is very similar to the other programs that I've reviewed here...
Hal Higdon's 10k running plan
Couch to 10k
Jeff Galloway’s 10k training schedule

And other than the considered training advice at the start of the plan, there is very little to help it stand out from the other programs.

We like the option to train on only three days a week and the fact that the program does recommend other ways of building up fitness and strength other than running (although this is alluded to in the actual training schedules) but the program itself is a little too basic.

Again other than the couch to 10k training schedule, none of the reviewed programs make any use of the most up to date training techniques such as interval training, Fartlek, pyramid or hill work.

But the Ironbridge 10k training schedule does have a range of programs to choose from, so if you are not a relative newbie then you have some options to choose from which do make slight use of one or two different training techniques.

We give the Ironbridge 10k training program a 6/10.

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