10K Training Schedule

Jeff Galloway’s 10K Training Plan

Here is our breakdown of both the advantages and disadvantages of Jeff Galloway’s 10k Training plan...


  • This is a true beginners 10k training plan as it also includes a 5k training schedule to train up to running a 5k first. This makes the transition from running 3.1 miles to doing the 6.2 in one go a much more gradual process.
  • Jeff introduces the beginner to running gently by starting with walking alone which progresses on to jogging which is very good start.
  • The way the program begins by using small segments of running alternated with walking is a very good introduction to running. This is something that we use with all our new clients that want to build up to running because it's a very effective, step by step way of gradually improving fitness levels without over facing newbie runners.
  • We really like the way that the program encourages you to start off gently and slowly progress, always leaving a little more in the tank to finish strongly. This approach means that you'll recover faster, enjoy it a whole lot more and finally - be able to keep improving whilst moving out of your comfort zone only slightly.
  • One of biggest concerns with new runners is the dislike and fear they build up because of these early experiences of running. It shouldn't feel like a punishment. Yes, you'll experience a little discomfort, this is only natural but if it's in small bursts with adequate recovery in between then this is a much more manageable situation than the alternative of pushing yourself until you drop then staggering home!
  • The nutritional advice whilst being extremely basic is very sound.
  • The program is free to use
  • There is just about the perfect amount or running volume for a beginner on both the 5k and 10k training schedule

Go here to take a look at Jeff's 10k training program - click here


  • Jeff’s workout notes aren't as detailed as others and whilst there is some good advice for new runners in there, it isn't nearly enough information for runners to follow throughout the course of training for a 5k and on to running a 10k

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