10K Training Schedule

Jeff Galloway’s 10K Training Plan

Disadvantages continued...

  • The program doesn't make use of any advanced training techniques which means that the workouts won't be as efficient and varied as they could be.

  • There could be a very real boredom factor with this program as there is little change throughout the course of it.
  • I feel the progression could be a little faster in the 10k training program for beginners especially after a good base of fitness has been established after following the 5k training plan for 8 weeks.
  • No specific guidance is given for the Cross training (XT) or the walking. To get the most out of the walking sessions, power walking or hill walking should be encouraged. Brisk walking over rough terrain wearing a stout pair of walking boots also helps to improve lower leg strength in terms of both muscle power and connective tissue durability.
  • I would suggest that the runner should take an extra day off a week to rest for 2 full days instead of just one. This extra down time allows for a much fuller recovery in between running sessions.

Overall Verdict

Jeff Galloway's 10k training plan is free to use but because of this there are many missing pieces to the puzzle. It's these missing pieces that will hinder any beginner who chooses to follow these programs.

The training volume is perfect and we really like the walk/jog intro to the schedule.

Whilst his notes are very useful and to the point, we feel they don't cover enough of the training variations in both the running sessions and Cross training workouts which are barely mentioned.

We completely agree with his guidelines for monitoring the level of intensity as it's a very simple guide to follow, however on some workouts it is vital that you push yourself past the talk test point in order to get the most out of your running sessions.

Overall it's better to follow this program than none at all. It gives the basics and allows you to see how a well structured program should look and feel and it's for this reason we give Jeff Galloway’s 10k Training Schedule a 6/10.

Go here to take a look at Jeff's 10k training program - click here

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