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Review of Hal Higdons 10K Running Plan

Just added a quick review of Hal Higdon's 10k training plan on the site, you can view it here - Hal Higdon 10k training plan review

Whilst the plan is free and does have a few merits there are quite a few downsides to the program. The biggest problem is that it's far too simplistic and basic. There are too many gaps that need filling in before a beginner would have any chance of completing a 10k after following this program.

However it is a plan after all and this is an important factor... without a plan we tend to fail.

Think of it as the bones of a training program. If you did a little research on this site and added your own personal touches and tailored it to your preferences and limitations then it should work for you.

But above all else you should research what you are doing thoroughly. Knowledge is power after all!!

Go here to check out my Hal Higdon 10k training plan review

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