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About Jeff Galloways 10k Training Program

I've just added a reviews of another popular 10k training program which is written by the well known runner Jeff Galloway. You can find out about my thoughts right here - Jeff Galloway's 10k Training Plan

Following a program, plan or running schedule is extremely beneficial to beginner runners as it provides a framework around which your training can be based upon.

This isn't to say you need to rely on using one of the FREE ones we've been reviewing, but certainly you should either do your research and write one yourself or buy your own fully beefed out version. The reason for this is that the free options don't really give you much more than a list of days and times, without any of the background knowledge and info you need.

But with that said, here's our review of Jeff's 10k running plan - click here

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Couch To 10K Training Plan Review

I've just added a new review to join the Hal Higdon 10k training program review and the Jeff Galloway 10k running plan critiques. This one is for the ever popular couch to 10k running plan.

You can read why we think this one is probably the best option for beginners.

Although it does have some drawbacks such as a little too high a volume of running, it does use a variety of training techniques however which are the fast track route to getting fitter whilst spending less time doing it.

There are many benefits to using this program. It's one of the most popular running programs alongside its baby brother, the evergreen couch to 5k plan. You can read our honest thoughts and opinions right here - couch to 10k

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What Makes A Good 10k Training Schedule For A Beginner?

Fail to plan and you plan to fail... it's true about almost everything in life, especially when it comes to getting fitter or losing weight, two of my specialist areas of expertise.

I've just added a page all about the importance of following a good 10k training schedule for a beginner. Here's an excerpt...

The Critical factors for any 10k training schedule for a beginner is that it has to factor in a level of slow but constant progression. As a newbie, your goal should be to be able to run for one mile without stopping then building up over time to 6 miles. You know your current level of fitness, so if you struggle to do more than one hundred metres at the moment, then you're not going to manage this in just a few weeks time.

The key to any beginners 10k training schedule is to ensure that over the desired time frame, the level of fitness for the runner is improved to a point where they can at least complete the 6.2 mile run without rest...

You can go read the entire article right here - 10k training schedule beginner

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What Is Cross Country Running?

Cross country running is a sport that is a little different to normal running in three main ways...

#1 The course is set off road

#2 The running surface is uneven and as a result places a greater workload on the muscles, tendons and ligaments of the legs, knees and ankles.

#3 There will be far more challenging areas of terrain. Humps, bumps and hills quite often feature in cross country running races.

The benefits of cross country running is that you'll see some beautiful scenery and the actual impact on your joints will be slightly less than that experienced when running on roads. The downside is they aren't as popular as the usual road races and you may struggle to find any near where you live.

Go here to read all about it - cross country running

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How To Train For A 10K Race

How you train for a 10k race will depend on 4 very different and completely unique factors. Here they are...

#1 Your current level of fitness. Are you fit and active at the moment or could you lovingly be described as a couch potato?

#2 Your running experience. Have you ever done any running before? Are you a casual runner now, is the 10k your next step up on the running ladder?

#3 Do you have any injuries or old niggles especially around the knees, hips and back. If you do have any existing problems with these areas then you must get them looked at before you start otherwise there's a very real chance they could get worse.

#4 Are you suffering from any health concerns. Do you take medication or are you pregnant.

All these factors will have a bearing on how you train for a 10k race and how quickly you progress. Go here to read more - train for a 10k

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The Ideal 10K Training Plan For Beginners

This post discusses the importance of a 10k training plan for beginners.

If you've decided to enter a 10k race anytime soon, then you're going to need to prepare for it properly. This is a very important point to consider as without adequate preparation you simply won't be able to complete the distance.

This will make your race a very uncomfortable and demotivating experience, likely to put you off running for a very long time. So the key is preparation. If you can push yourself to the point of the race or further throughout your training, then you will already have been through it subconsciously and in the race proper it should feel much easier.

Go here to read all about it - 10k training plan for beginners

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This Is How To Train For A 10K

Whenever you decide to something new and set yourself a challenge to accomplish a goal or target there must always be a learning curve. The faster you can get past that learning curve the quicker you will be to succeed.

Learning to run is no different. If you've set yourself the task of running a 10k, then you definitely need to know how to train for a 10k and also how to run the race itself.

You need to build your training up slowly.

Start from the appropriate place for you and keep progressing.

Take small baby steps at a time until you are capable of achieving more. Don't try to do too much too soon as this can cause problems in terms of picking up injuries etc. But also don't stay static either.

This article explains exactly how to train for a 10k race the right way. Go here to find out more - how to train for a 10k

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Do You Know How Many Miles Is 10K?

A very good question.

If you're contemplating running one, even more important. During your training you need to fully be aware of how it feels running that far. You need to test out your legs, heart and lungs.

So plot out your route carefully. Throughout your training, increase the distances you're able to run for and as you get nearer to the event, you need to run the entire distance without rest. Charting your training runs like this will help you get a clearer picture as to how it will feel on race day.

Here's a very useful page which provides you with the answer to how many miles is 10k , but also some invaluable training insights and a great race day strategy.

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What Makes A Good 10K Training Schedule?

Here are three things you need to look for in a 10km running plan which will help you to improve fast while keeping you motivated and committed.

1. There must be direction and planning in your training, you must run regularly and do more as time goes on. You need to have carefully positioned action free days so you can rest and recuperate.

2. There needs to be a selection of running programs to do so you can start from the level you feel is the very best in your case.

If this is the first time you've ever tried to run before, you'll have to ease in to it. If you’ve worked for a greater fitness level and also been a recreational or competitive runner in the past then your starting place is probably not too far back.

3. You must use up to date training techniques that every one of the top runners are choosing today, any worthwhile 10 km running schedule should be able to offer you assistance on the best way to attempt them. Making use of these strategies is going to speed up your improvements and reduce the time you need to put in to working out.

Read the rest of this article here - 10k training

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