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Review of Hal Higdons 10K Running Plan

Just added a quick review of Hal Higdon's 10k training plan on the site, you can view it here - Hal Higdon 10k training plan review

Whilst the plan is free and does have a few merits there are quite a few downsides to the program. The biggest problem is that it's far too simplistic and basic. There are too many gaps that need filling in before a beginner would have any chance of completing a 10k after following this program.

However it is a plan after all and this is an important factor... without a plan we tend to fail.

Think of it as the bones of a training program. If you did a little research on this site and added your own personal touches and tailored it to your preferences and limitations then it should work for you.

But above all else you should research what you are doing thoroughly. Knowledge is power after all!!

Go here to check out my Hal Higdon 10k training plan review

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How To Train For A 10K Race

How you train for a 10k race will depend on 4 very different and completely unique factors. Here they are...

#1 Your current level of fitness. Are you fit and active at the moment or could you lovingly be described as a couch potato?

#2 Your running experience. Have you ever done any running before? Are you a casual runner now, is the 10k your next step up on the running ladder?

#3 Do you have any injuries or old niggles especially around the knees, hips and back. If you do have any existing problems with these areas then you must get them looked at before you start otherwise there's a very real chance they could get worse.

#4 Are you suffering from any health concerns. Do you take medication or are you pregnant.

All these factors will have a bearing on how you train for a 10k race and how quickly you progress. Go here to read more - train for a 10k

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Do You Know How Many Miles Is 10K?

A very good question.

If you're contemplating running one, even more important. During your training you need to fully be aware of how it feels running that far. You need to test out your legs, heart and lungs.

So plot out your route carefully. Throughout your training, increase the distances you're able to run for and as you get nearer to the event, you need to run the entire distance without rest. Charting your training runs like this will help you get a clearer picture as to how it will feel on race day.

Here's a very useful page which provides you with the answer to how many miles is 10k , but also some invaluable training insights and a great race day strategy.

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What Makes A Good 10K Training Schedule?

Here are three things you need to look for in a 10km running plan which will help you to improve fast while keeping you motivated and committed.

1. There must be direction and planning in your training, you must run regularly and do more as time goes on. You need to have carefully positioned action free days so you can rest and recuperate.

2. There needs to be a selection of running programs to do so you can start from the level you feel is the very best in your case.

If this is the first time you've ever tried to run before, you'll have to ease in to it. If you’ve worked for a greater fitness level and also been a recreational or competitive runner in the past then your starting place is probably not too far back.

3. You must use up to date training techniques that every one of the top runners are choosing today, any worthwhile 10 km running schedule should be able to offer you assistance on the best way to attempt them. Making use of these strategies is going to speed up your improvements and reduce the time you need to put in to working out.

Read the rest of this article here - 10k training

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Welcome to 10K Training Schedule .com

Welcome to 10k Training Schedule .com I'm glad that you've found us.

This site is all about 10k training, running and improving your technique and stamina levels. You'll find loads of great information and tips and 10k training advice to help improve your running performance.

Please bookmark this site and come back as often as you can to check out the new articles and videos that we'll be posting regularly as there will be some golden nuggets of information and advice for you to use and all for FREE.

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