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What Are The Main Benefits Of Running?

So you want an active hobby that gets you outdoors, helps you to make new friends and enjoy the surroundings around you at the same time as becoming more active? Then running might well be the solution for you.

However this only just scratches the surface of the benefits of running and the list of improvements you can expect to see by running regularly is huge. From feeling good about yourself and taking control of your health and fitness, to the improvements you'll notice in muscle tone and posture, not to mention the fact that running is an excellent way to lose weight and then manage that new weight.

Other factors to consider is that it's free and you can do it on your own and get started immediately. Go here to check out the new article page I've written about the benefits of running

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This Is How To Train For A 10K

Whenever you decide to something new and set yourself a challenge to accomplish a goal or target there must always be a learning curve. The faster you can get past that learning curve the quicker you will be to succeed.

Learning to run is no different. If you've set yourself the task of running a 10k, then you definitely need to know how to train for a 10k and also how to run the race itself.

You need to build your training up slowly.

Start from the appropriate place for you and keep progressing.

Take small baby steps at a time until you are capable of achieving more. Don't try to do too much too soon as this can cause problems in terms of picking up injuries etc. But also don't stay static either.

This article explains exactly how to train for a 10k race the right way. Go here to find out more - how to train for a 10k

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