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About Jeff Galloways 10k Training Program

I've just added a reviews of another popular 10k training program which is written by the well known runner Jeff Galloway. You can find out about my thoughts right here - Jeff Galloway's 10k Training Plan

Following a program, plan or running schedule is extremely beneficial to beginner runners as it provides a framework around which your training can be based upon.

This isn't to say you need to rely on using one of the FREE ones we've been reviewing, but certainly you should either do your research and write one yourself or buy your own fully beefed out version. The reason for this is that the free options don't really give you much more than a list of days and times, without any of the background knowledge and info you need.

But with that said, here's our review of Jeff's 10k running plan - click here

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What Makes A Good 10k Training Schedule For A Beginner?

Fail to plan and you plan to fail... it's true about almost everything in life, especially when it comes to getting fitter or losing weight, two of my specialist areas of expertise.

I've just added a page all about the importance of following a good 10k training schedule for a beginner. Here's an excerpt...

The Critical factors for any 10k training schedule for a beginner is that it has to factor in a level of slow but constant progression. As a newbie, your goal should be to be able to run for one mile without stopping then building up over time to 6 miles. You know your current level of fitness, so if you struggle to do more than one hundred metres at the moment, then you're not going to manage this in just a few weeks time.

The key to any beginners 10k training schedule is to ensure that over the desired time frame, the level of fitness for the runner is improved to a point where they can at least complete the 6.2 mile run without rest...

You can go read the entire article right here - 10k training schedule beginner

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What Are The Main Benefits Of Running?

So you want an active hobby that gets you outdoors, helps you to make new friends and enjoy the surroundings around you at the same time as becoming more active? Then running might well be the solution for you.

However this only just scratches the surface of the benefits of running and the list of improvements you can expect to see by running regularly is huge. From feeling good about yourself and taking control of your health and fitness, to the improvements you'll notice in muscle tone and posture, not to mention the fact that running is an excellent way to lose weight and then manage that new weight.

Other factors to consider is that it's free and you can do it on your own and get started immediately. Go here to check out the new article page I've written about the benefits of running

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Discover How To Begin Running The Easy Way

How to begin running is something that's very important to anyone thinking of running. To be successful at anything in life you need to apply yourself consistently to your task and do the right things.

It's not enough to do the training if you don't do that training correctly, in fact this can do more harm than good because you could be negatively conditioning your body completely.

Whether it's because you'd like to run in a competitive way or just to run sociably or to lose weight, running is a great choice for any of these things and above all else it's free and relatively easy to get started.

But it comes with its fair share of problems and hurdles to overcome. How to begin running will depend on a number of things.

Go here to find out how to begin running the RIGHT way - how to begin running

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Ways To Cure Smelly Running Shoes

OK, its almost an occupational hazard that we have at least one pair of tired, smelly old running shoes. But in all truth the best thing is to throw them away.

In this page I explain about the reasons why you should get rid of old running shoes that are past their best - how to get rid of smelly shoes

However if you have a pair of smelly running shoes that have plenty more miles in them yet and you want to give them a new lease of life, then this article gives you not one but three very good ideas about what to do.

So take a quick look over here as there is a very unusual tip that I don't think you'll have ever heard about before, I know I hadn't until one of my clients mentioned it to me the other day. Here's the link, let me know what you think - how to get rid of smelly shoes

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What Is Cross Country Running?

Cross country running is a sport that is a little different to normal running in three main ways...

#1 The course is set off road

#2 The running surface is uneven and as a result places a greater workload on the muscles, tendons and ligaments of the legs, knees and ankles.

#3 There will be far more challenging areas of terrain. Humps, bumps and hills quite often feature in cross country running races.

The benefits of cross country running is that you'll see some beautiful scenery and the actual impact on your joints will be slightly less than that experienced when running on roads. The downside is they aren't as popular as the usual road races and you may struggle to find any near where you live.

Go here to read all about it - cross country running

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5 Tips To Boost Your Metabolism And Burn More Fat

Just added a really good page all about 5 simple things you can do to help you increase your metabolic rate and therefore burn off more weight. Remember the less body fat you carry around then the easier and faster running will be.

You only need to look at the athletes at the top of the sport to see how lean and toned they are.

Now I'm not suggesting that you should aim to get down to their body fat levels to be a good runner, but it will help to improve your speed and endurance and you'd have the added benefit of looking and feeling better too.

So go take a quick look at the article, it won't take you long read and there are a couple of things that you might not have thought about - lose weight fast

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The Secret To Choosing Running Shoes

Choosing running shoes you might think is an easy task. Pick out your favourite style, select the colour of your preference (blue, grey or purple for men and pinks, light blues or oranges for women) find the brand that you've been subconsciously sold to over the course of your life (Nike, Adidas or Asics) and away you go.

But this is only part of the story as you'll find out when you read this article - choosing running shoes

Instead there is a whole new checklist for you to consider with the factors above only of secondary importance. The way you run, the type of running training you'll be doing and the way in which your feet strike and then push off the ground will all be more important factors for you to consider when choosing running shoes for yourself.

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