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This Is How You Can Run Faster And Longer

Running is all about making small but steady improvements to your  fitness and stamina levels but how to run faster and longer shouldn't be your only concern. Not only do you need to train your legs and other working muscles to be able to contract repeatedly over extended amounts of time, but you also need to work on developing the stamina and strength of the heart and lungs.

One area though that most people forget about is that of the joints and connective tissues - your ligaments, tendons and cartilage's etc. All these integral parts need to be trained and coaxed along with your fitness.

Constantly pounding the ground step after step as you do when running, especially so if you are a little overweight, places a huge amount of pressure on the joints and their supporting tissues. So whilst the technique in the following article can be used for fitness, you still need to be mindful of your joints when running.

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